Monday, March 3, 2014

Festival 2014 Participating Writers

We are thrilled to announce the stellar list of authors for The 2014 Festival of Women Writers in Hobart, NY

Mermer Blakeslee is the author of three novels, Same Blood, In Dark Water and When You Live By A River.

 Remica L. Bingham-Risher, is a poet and author of Conversion and What We Ask of Flesh.

Tara Betts, poet, her work appears in Villanelles and A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry.

Ginnah Howard is the author of Doing Time Outside and Night Navigation.

Stephanie Nikolopoulos is the author, with Paul Maher Jr., of Burning Furiously Beautiful: The True Story of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” 

Kat Rosenfield is the author of the novels, Amelia Anne Is Dead and Inland.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s most recent books are Ancestors' Song, The Place I Call Home, and Writing Poetry to Save Your Life: How to Find the Courage to Tell Your Stories.

Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa is author of the novel, Daughters of the Stone

Simona David, a communications consultant, is the author of Self-Publishing and Book Marketing, A Research Guide.

E.J. Antonio, poet, author of Rituals In The Marrow: recipe for a jam session

Tayari Jones, novelist, author of Leaving Atlanta, The Untelling, Silver Sparrow

Check out this list of our participating writers' titles

The following 2013 participating writers will be returning for Festival of Women Writers 2014:

Marianela Medrano-Marra, poet, psychologist, and author of Diosas De La Yuca. 

Bertha K. Rogers, poet laureate of Delaware County, N.Y. and author of Heart Turned Back

Sophfronia Scott, author of, All I Need To Get By.
Mary Johnson, author of An Unquenchable Thirst: A Memoir.
Alexis DeVeaux, author of Yabo and Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde
Lynn Domina, author of Framed In Silence and Corporal Works
Cheryl Boyce Taylor, author of Night When Moon Follows, Raw Air, and Convincing The Body.

Esther Cohen, author of No Charge For Looking and Book Doctor

Dara Lurie, author of Great Space of Desire: Writing for Personal Evolution

Breena Clarke, author of Angels Make Their Hope Here, Stand The Storm and River, Cross My Heart

Check out the 2013 Festival of Women Writers Goodreads Book Shelf

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